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Shirodhara is a word which has its origin in Sanskrit. This word is formed by the culmination of two words , Shiro means head and dhara means oil. According to the canons of ayurveda shirodhara is one of the most effective treatments which has a host of advantages. Shirohara is an integral part of panchkarma treatment in which liquid is poured on the forehead gently and continuously for a certain time rendering an invigorating , soothing ad revitalizing effect to the mind and soul of the patient being treated. The liquid is poured from a specially crafted pot which hangs at a specific distance from the forehead. Liquid from the pot flows down on a particular area on the forehead as a thin continuous stream .

The area of the forehead where the oil is poured is called the chakra point or the third eye. The chakra point lies between the point just above and between the eye brows. The third eye is an invisible eye which governs the concentration, meditation, clairvoyance and religious enlightenment. Its awakening enhances the intelligence level of an individual.The liquid used in shirodhara varies as per the bodily requirement of the patient. Generally it is oil, but at times it can be coconut water, butter milk, milk ,plain water etc.

Shirodhara treatment caresses the patient to the extent that many of my patients go into deep sleep during the course of the treatment. It allays the fears, soothes the mind and extricates the feeling of apprehension and pessimism. It has a feeling of well being which is beyond comprehension. It pampers the patient to the extent that one feels some heavenly body is patting and giving solace to face the challenges of the day to day life. The duration for which the patient receives this treatment is a period of bliss and ecstasy giving respite to mind which truly cannot be described in words.

Negativities and the ill-thoughts are caved in and go on a back burner giving way to peace and bliss with an aura of tranquility and serenity around the individual undergoing such a pious treatment. It is a crucial and integral part of panchkarma therapy which awakens the feeling of calmness, cheerfulness and makes an individual cool ,calm and composed.

The most important aspect of shirodhara is that it should be done under the supervision of an ayurvedic doctor who has an excellent knowledge of ayurveda both theoretically , practically ,holistically and spiritually. The doctor should have a positive aura. The doctor should be optimistic in life with a healthy mind and healthy body. I have come across many patients who say that, “We got the shirodhara done at many places but the way we have benefitted in your clinic with this treatment is really amazing and beyond comprehension.”

The best testimonial was that of a patient of mine from Brazil, “ I am on cloud nine.It seems that you have washed my brain with some holy water, I feel energetic, revitalized and have regained my memory . I tend to remember things in a better way than I used to before the treatment.” There are some places where shirodhara has become a part of luxury and is done without the supervision of the qualified doctor and in turn gives a pseudo feeling of wellness. Such acts give bad name to ayurveda and don’t augur well for the future of ayurveda. Shirodhara is not just pouring of oil on the forehead but has many intricacies and modalities which have to be followed while delivering the treatment.

When such treatments are given by any Tom,Dick or Harry they leave an impression on the patient which belies the claims made by ayurvedic texts and ayurvedic doctors.

Insomnia is a problem which has a detrimental effect on an individual. It has a pernicious effect on one’s health in a long run. When our body and mind doesn’t get ample rest one tends to be a failure in doing one’s daily chores. When the mobile runs out of its battery it stops working similarly when our body is nor recharged and rejuvenated with sufficient rest it makes an individual lethargic all day. It is really appalling to stay awake all night when all your family members are relishing a sound sleep. Patient suffering from insomnia is generally impatient and fidgety, at times he has bouts of anger too which further aggravate the problem .

This propensity towards impatience and irritability spoils one’s family life too . Without a grain of doubt, shirodhara is the best treatment for such patients. Patient starts to feel better after a couple of sittings and his sleep pattern keeps on improving slowly but surely. A lot of patients see a marked improvement in their sleep right after the first sitting of Shirodhara. Many studies have been done both in India and abroad to observe the impact of shirodhara in insomnia and each and every study has stood a testimony to prove that shirodhara is the perfect choice of treatment for the patients of insomnia.