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Lower back pain is at times very agonizing. To lessen the pain and to alleviate the suffering Kativasti treatment is done. It lessens the pain several lower back conditions such as Lumbago , Spondylosis and inter vertebral disc prolapse . The word kati means waist area of the body and vasti means retention. In this treatment a dough is prepared form special grains which is kept in the shape of the ring and is placed in the area where the problem exists.

The oil is poured inside the ring at a specific temperature and is retained there for a specific time. The oil to be used for this treatment is the medicated oil which is carefully chosen by the practitioner after evaluating the dosha imbalance ,prakruti and vikruti With the passage of time the oil penetrates deep into the tissues which in turn softens the stiffness in that area.

To enhance the effect of the treatment localized steam is given. This is followed by an exercise regimen which the patient can do at home. The patient is asked to lie face down on the table. The warm oil is slowly poured in the reservoir made with the ring. When the oil starts to cool down , it is absorbed with cotton and more warm oil is poured in the ring. The procedure lasts for 35 to 40 minutes approximately.

Usually the procedure is done for 8 to 10 days daily depending on the severity of the problem. It is very effective in the relaxation of the muscles and thus decreases pain and stiffness. Mobility is improved in the stiff joints of the vertebra. It also reduces the inflammation in the affected area. There aren’t any side effects associated with this treatment.